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We drink our water from a tap, so someone has a tap for their water
About us

About us

Oh, good! Another charitable-philanthropy-help-people-help-the-planet thingy! Because, you know, there aren’t enough of them... Save the endangered mosquito? Teach old people to read? Stop the eToll? Morgan Freeman's Entertainment Industry Foundation? Why should you people care about one more? Well, we'll give you 2 reasons. Hear us out.

1. This problem is so stupid, it shouldn't even be a problem. And, yet, it is. And it's a doozy.
2. We don't actually want anything from you. If anything, we want you to stop doing something.

Stop being the douche

Stop being the douche with the bottle

Now we're at the crux of the small favour we're asking you, patient reader.

Stop it. It's that simple. Your friends don't think you're cooler because you order your water in a bottle, rather than from a tap. It has no health benefits – they're myths. And, every time you do the right thing (no offense, but it is) we'll give that money you would have wasted on something you should get for free, and give it to guys like, so they can build wells for those who really need it. Then we can get onto to the more 'serious' problems, like paying less tax.